The Academy of Real Estate Careers, LLC is located in Whitaker, PA – just minutes from the Waterfront. Our real estate classes provide you the education for getting your first license, as well as broker and continuing education. We will not cancel as long as we have a minimum of five students.

The Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission requires a pre license student to attend 60 hours of class; broker students require 16 credits (15 hours/credit), and continuing education of 14 hours every two years.

We offer numerous classes, so you can fulfill requirements without undue delay! We will schedule classes anytime we have a student request as long as we have a five students minimum.





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“I’ve done my pre-license and 14 broker credits with Steve. Every class has been great. Steve has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in real estate. His teaching style keeps the classes interesting and the discussions help keep you engaged in the topics. Being slightly more casual classes, there seems to be a lot more interaction between students which I found to be great. You can always learn a lot from other people’s experiences. I would recommend Academy of Real Estate Careers to anyone interested in becoming an agent or furthering their Real Estate Career. Thanks Steve!”

– Dan Matcuk

“Steve was a fantastic teacher who I highly recommend to anyone interested in getting your license! He made the classes enjoyable and easy to retain information from. I couldn’t imagine learning the material any other way! Thanks Steve!!”

– Ruby Scalo